Thermoflow Thigh Band With Amazing 4 Way Stretch


Why use Thermoflow Thigh Band?

  • Provides penetrating warmth for your thigh, Reducing cramping, muscles spasms, and restless leg syndrome
  • Reduce pain, swelling and muscle cramps from strenuous activities or sports injuries
  • Improves blood circulation in thigh and leg
  • Revitalizes tissue and promotes healing
  • Great for additional performance and strength
  • Wicking properties for maximum comfort

Thermoflow Thigh Bands are absolutely amazing, made from the finest polyceramic materials on the market. A soft four way stretchable sleeve comfortable for wearing all day or night. Breathable with wicking properties to help keep you dry while enjoying the far infrared therapy without feeling hot and sweaty. Wear throughout the day or while sleeping to receive the full benefit of our far infrared therapy. Ideal for sore or bruised muscles, Charley Horse injuries, swelling or restless legs. Wear throughout the day or night as needed. Can be worn under pants, jeans or leggings. Long enough to cover the complete thigh along with part of the knee for some individuals.

The fibers of Thermoflow’s Thigh Bands are impregnated with our high quality bio-ceramic mineral that emit and reflect natural far infrared rays deep into the tissue. Ideal to help with reducing aches and pains, improving blood circulation while enhancing performance with additional warmth.

The ceramic minerals are fused right into the fibers and will not wash out. They remain part of the fibers for the life of the garment.*

Thermoflow’s Far infrared therapy is an excellent therapy for improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, and over all helping to reduce aches and pains naturally. For best results, wear as often as you can, while staying well hydrated. (drink plenty of water). Wear regularly, while taking breaks from time to time if you feel it’s too warm. Once you cool down, put it back on for continued therapy.

Hand wash in cool or warm water with mild detergent. Air dry or tumble dry low heat. Do not iron or bleach. * Incorrect maintenance may void warranty or reduce the effectiveness or life of the garment. We recommend to follow correct washing guidelines.