Thermoflow Therapy Gloves

Why use Thermoflow Therapy Gloves?

  • Reduce pain due to arthritis and rheumatism
  • Relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints
  • Improves blood circulation in the hands to reduce stiffness
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Helps improve carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Helps reduce symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease
  • Wicking properties for maximum comfort
  • Better circulation means improved strength and flexibility

Thermoflow Therapy Gloves are made from the finest polyceramic materials on the market. Soft comfortable for wearing day or night. Breathable with wicking properties to help keep you dry while enjoying the far infrared therapy without feeling hot and sweaty. Our far infrared gloves come in many styles, with a velcro strap on the wrist area for personalized fit. Adjust how you like. Available with ribbed backing for contoured fit or smooth backing with relaxed fit.

Thermoflow uses our own personalized technology and ceramic mineral to produce gloves that are helpful in a number of chronic and acute conditions. Thermoflow gloves have been tested in a double blind clinical trial at the University of Toronto and proved that Thermoflow Therapy Gloves reduce the pain and stiffness in patients with Raynaud’s Disease which affects the circulation in feet and hands. Raynaud’s can lead to pain, stiffness and poor resistance to cold weather for patients with this condition. In the trial over 93% of patients noted improvement in their condition.

For those with Raynaud’s Syndrome or severe arthritis, we recommend the full glove (REGULAR GLOVE) for maximum coverage. The more coverage the better for helping improve blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

The fibers of Thermoflow’s Therapy Gloves are impregnated with our high quality bio-ceramic mineral that emit and reflect natural far infrared rays deep into the tissue. Ideal to help with reducing aches and pains, improving blood circulation while enhancing performance with additional warmth.

*The ceramic properties in the fabric are designed to emit far infrared energy – helping improve blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling by warming up the ceramic minerals in the fabric while you wear it. To allow the ceramic particles to warm up, we recommend to be worn in normal or mild temperatures. This will allow the minerals to warm up and emit penetrating warmth. Extremely cold or minus temperatures may limit the ceramic’s ability to warm up and emit the necessary far infrared therapy. Ceramic therapy gloves do not replace winter gloves as this is not the intended use. Ceramic therapy gloves are a natural drug free approach to improving circulation over a long term period. As hands and feet generally lose heat easily, it naturally will take time for your body to respond and absorb the FIR energy. Some people notice changes and improvements within a few hours. Other customers have reported they noticed changes more gradually over several weeks, even a few months. Everyone will respond slightly differently to the FIR benefits. However, clinical trials have confirmed that continued use will help lead to healthy results.

The ceramic minerals are fused right into the fibers and will not wash out. They remain part of the fibers for the life of the garment.*

Thermoflow’s Far infrared therapy is an excellent therapy for improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, and over all helping to reduce aches and pains naturally. For best results, wear as often as you can, while staying well hydrated. (drink plenty of water). Wear regularity, while taking breaks from time to time if you feel it’s too warm. Once you cool down, put it back on for continued therapy. If wearing to bed, we recommend to apply 1 hour before sleeping to ensure comfortable fit. If wearing with velcro strap, we suggest wearing strap loose or relaxed while sleeping.

Hand wash in cool or warm water with mild detergent. Air dry or tumble dry low heat. Do not iron or bleach. * Incorrect maintenance may void warranty or reduce the effectiveness or life of the garment. We recommend to follow correct washing guidelines.

Thermoflow gloves are made with a soft flexible polyceramic material. Gloves are designed to fit snug and comfortable.

Index Measurement:

Measure from the base of the palm where it meets the wrist to the tip of your longest finger. This will give you a length of the hand. Only required for regular gloves.




Palm Measurement:

Open your hand, and measure from the base of where the thumb meets the palm, directly across the hand to the other side. This will give you the width of your palm.